Stewart captures the capricious temperament of the Old Testament God

when an apocalypse is sent that the birth of one child can prevent.

Awaiting the delivery of a saviour: uncorrupt and pristine
A host of angels lead an assault on precinct Sistine –

A roadside diner aptly named ‘Paradise Falls’

Holding an ensemble of pitiful characters within it’s walls.

Each equipped with their own tale of redemption

assisted by a progressive zoom and mood music for tension
Heads turn to Archangel Michael for protection.

And though biblical mythology is sporadically inserted

theological debate is conveniently averted,

with Bettany now ironically converted
from Darwin to fallen Saint.

Delivering the fable of the film
and defying the imperious,
this action/horror hybrid takes itself far too serious,
Marking a failed attempt an idea seemingly quaint

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