My gruff and indistinct words

bare the mark of resentful lungs

that hate me evermore as I take another drag

on what’s left of my cigarette.

I’m lost to a familiar bliss

and am momentarily out of mind,

vacant to social taboos

that would have otherwise prevented me

from blowing smoke into a child’s face.

She was crying now

I’d need another cigarette.

Nepotista: A prediction

Kanye has spawned a child giving her literal direction in name – carved an image and hatched to a vision of fame.

Manifesting as an extension of her father’s ego, so wherever they point the cameras that’s where we’ll go

we push our noses to the window and tweet from on the grapevine – the culture of celebrity has dispensed with the divine.

we offer them praise but scrutinise them for their flaws, we concede that we will never be them and yet ache for something more

we are empty. we are void.

Our conception of contentment has been distorted and destroyed.

so as long as there’s a stage and the little girl sings

we’ll watch her come apart with her waxy wings

like Will Smith’s kids who stand tall on family wealth,

the wind in Willow’s hair as she whips it back and forth,

we are promised a life in the spotlight of baby girl North.


we can think it likely that she will take to music

surrounded by connections, a captive audience and those hungry to capitalise..

The cracks can be painted over now that music is digitised

an auto-tuned lullaby lamenting the day the music died.

Rappers have a tendency to talk about their names

a customised title that speaks to character

both a badge and a facade that divides the person from persona.

A disguise known better than the person inside.

A broken mask and a blurred line.

she is a product, a brand and an opportunity.

she is stock, venture capital,

grabbing attention, gaining interest

nevertheless expect the debut solo: North by North West

For my love

jump for joy

jump for me

(I like to watch people jump

just as much as joy)

jump to hell and back

jump helen of troy

jump helen mirren

beside helena bonham carter

jump queen to jump jack after

jump helen keller

she won’t know

plus no-one could tell her

jump cinderblocks

jump cinderella

jump with one shoe to lost property

jump the queue to the vip

jump jack flash

dance jump style

jump ship

jump around

jump up jump out

and get drowned

I’ll jump out and find somewhere to park

don’t jump the gun or

jump the shark

the waters not cold

just jump in

white men can’t jump

black men can’t swim

jump out of your chair

jump out of your skin

jumping in at number one

is jump by van halen


the chicken gets off the bus and crosses the road

rosa parks on a double yellow and gets her car towed

mario’s peachy by the smell of his clothes

after sitting on a pin mary rose declared she was off to rome

all roads lead there but there’s no place like home

so if you get homesick and want to get home quick

follow the road made of yellow brick

mind the little monkeys with wings

you’re best off with the munchkins

in case you didn’t know though

they’re getting paid less than toto

so a tip would go far

god bless you sir

and the rain that falls in africa


I found Jesus.

or should I say

I caught him.

red handed

red footed

red headed

red backed.

red all over

hanging from a crucifix

having just been lashed.

he looked tired

but still wore his little hat.

bless him

forgive him

hail him

like a cab.

he’ll give you a lift

and carry you across.

he’ll die for your sins

and so will always be on top.

we will have no choice

but simply begin in his debt

so best you sin

to make the deal worth it.


I don’t celebrate holy days, bar easter

I’m strictly a coffee drinker

and chocolate bar eater.

not one for eating from a calendar

with time dictating when I have my provisions

I bought the fucking thing

so I’ll make the decisions.

you can keep your cakes

with loose change in

make way for new ideas

the times they are a-best on sunday

like roast dinner and church.

the masses are in

so they can off some merch

necklaces and bracelets

to serve as a reminder

of our one lord and saviour

and to always be kinder;

a silver ring above your ring finger knuckle

or a faggot being stoned on a golden belt buckle

just in case you’re running out of space

I’ll sit at the table but I won’t say grace

because I don’t prey where I eat

I do love a nun’s company

but two’s a crowd

and three’s unlucky if you’re superstitious

write that on the wall stevie

and while you’re there

pin the tail on the donkey and hit the piñata

nan’s left the room cas she’s afraid you’ll cut her

not cas your blind, mind

it’s cas you’re one of those blacks

no it’s christmas

we tolerate intolerance

it reminds us of jesus and turkeys and that.

fuckin crackers.

guarantor (too many mikes not enough mcs)

I get hot-headed sometimes

usually when I’m wearing hats

I heat the roof to stave away the cats

apparently they’re not too fond of hot tin

I got some glaswegians to stop them coming in

but I can’t be sure they’ve clocked in

cas after all who watches the scotchmen?

kenny rogers just dropped in

says his lodgers are starting to cost him

I told him that before he calls the cops in

he should call michael myers first

voice of shrek and face of kirk

he might be a killer

but he married an axe murderer

I can’t say I know her

cas I’ve never even heard of her

but she must get lonely at the end of october


Behind dilated pupils tides roll back and forth:
a heavy weight sits atop a broken body.
I’d ask for directions so I could stay lost
but the faces don’t seem too friendly.

I sit,
and watch myself from above.
And as the girl approaches
I fight to rush back.
A knowing smile glimpsed beneath the austere,
either that or I’m starting to lose track.

She holds out a hand
which closes to fist
while watching me
a world losing colour.
I can see us both there cast adrift
no longer needing
nor wanting the others.

She assures me that everything is fine
but I can not be sure.
Her blue eyes read as a sign around her neck:
“Nothing will be as before”


I offer him a seat
against my better judgement
and best intention,
now talking to the elephant
that the others abstained to mention.
Turns out what this night needed
was an awkward social tension –
as they pretend to talk
and I pretend to listen
I await a well needed intervention.
And yet they go on pretending
that we aren’t holding their attention.
Watching them watching
I lose track of an answer
that is too late to question
so instead stare blankly
and smile hardly…
the bunch of cunts