This ‘poem’ is pretty shocking. The picture no better. Forgive me.

Scott Pilgrim serves simply as an extended trailer:

A ‘kooky’ geek romance, though Juno’s a tad paler

and void of emotion… and a bit of a cunt
like the entire cast of characters
forgive my being blunt
but the highly stylized camera work is trying too hard to be unconventional
and despite the adaptation from comic everyone remains 2 dimensional
Whether it was intentional to have characters unworthy of empathy or not
it is hard to stay interested in the shallow, minimal plot.
Michael Cera’s diversity is still yet to be tested,
His development arrested by playing the same passive dweeb.
I don’t know if we are agreed
but after watching the trailer I got what was promised me:
supposing there’s no room for subtext in this simple-minded comedy.
However, if you’re amused by the surface and want to to delve beyond the first layer,
expect nothing more than the over-use of visual onomatopoeia,
or a cutting style creating action by appearing hectic –
Maybe I’d have felt more involved if I was epileptic

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